About Us

Who We Are

Woodstock American Products aims to present hemp in a new light, as well as to new audiences. We are a national brand who has become known for our hemp related products.

Our Mission

At the core of Woodstock American Products is a group of people much like yourself – we believe in individuality, creativity, and self-expression; along with the healing and calming powers of hemp extract products.

We believe in, and encourage, self-expression, a positive belief in the power of community, and environmental responsibility.

Our Promise

Our hemp products are made using full spectrum hemp extract, not isolates which limits product efficacy. We carefully craft the terpenes and cannabinoids into melodies that move you.

Woodstock American Products is committed to working with partners who uphold our strict ethical and sustainable cultivation standards. Consumers want assurance that these products are safe, healthy, reliable, and brought to them by companies and organizations they trust. We aspire to deliver on that promise.

Our Products

Woodstock American Products offers a variety of hemp extract products and smokers articles.


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